$100 Million For Erin To Quarry Water Supply Programme

The Ministry of Public Utilities will invest $100 million in the Erin to Quarry Water Supply Programme.

The revelation came from Member of the Board of Commissioners of the Water and Sewerage
Authority, WASA, Allister Bandoo, as he addressed a town meeting of residents on Wednesday
evening at the Palo Seco Government Primary School.

Commissioner Bandoo noted that the current level of supply to the over 18,000 residents of the catchment areas was less than acceptable, and said the time had come to take decisive action to improve the levels of water delivery services to the affected communities.

Sharon Bailey, Special Programme Manager of WASA’s Strategic Project Implementation Unit, said the project will involve the drilling of 10 new wells, five of which will be brought into production by December 2024. These five wells are expected to have a combined production capacity of 850 million imperial gallons of water per day. The remaining five are expected to be brought into production by March 2025, also with a combined capacity of 850 million gallons per day.

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