2023 CONCACAF Caribbean Cup Semis

CONCACAF has confirmed the schedule and matchups for the 2023 CONCACAF Caribbean Cup Semi Finals. The two home-and-away series will be played October 24th – 26th (first legs), and October 31st – November 2nd, 2023 (second legs).

After a ten-club Group Stage, which took place between August and October, the two top clubs from each group have advanced to the competition’s Knockout stage.

These four clubs are from Group A: Cavalier FC (Jamaica ) and Moca FC (Dominican Republic), and from Group B: SV Robinhood (Suriname ) and Harbour View FC (Jamaica).

This means there will be an all-Jamaican affair in the Semi Finals with Cavallier FC coming up against Harbour View FC, with the second Semi Final a Spanish-Dutch flavour as Moca FC will battle SV Robinhood.

After the home and away Semi Finals, the winner in each matchup will advance to the 2023 CONCACAF Caribbean Cup Final, where the first-ever Caribbean Cup champion will be crowned.

The Final and Third Place Series are scheduled for November 28th-30th (first legs) and December 5th-7th (second legs).

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