2024 Cruise Ship Season Ends

The 2024 Cruise Ship Season officially came to an end today, Wednesday.

Of note for this season was the inclusion of 10 inaugural visits and five new cruise lines, including Seabourn, Ex Polaris, Victoria Cruises, Silver Seas Cruises, and Salen Ship Management Company.

The first ship to begin the season was the Seabourn Pursuit. It ended with a cruise call from the Island Sky Nassau.

Chief Executive Officer of Carvalho’s Agencies, Charles Carvahlo, said the 2023-2024 Cruise Ship Season went well as there were many visitors contributing to the country’s economy. He said through the cruise calls, tourists are also exposed to the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Carvalho is hopeful that the next cruise season will be as successful.

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