Addressing Noise Pollution

The group Citizens Against Noise Pollution is suggesting this thorny issue of loud noises in residential areas is one that needs to be addressed more seriously by the authorities.

Vice President of the group, Lindy-Ann Bachoo, says they’re trying to raise awareness as they receive direct complaints from residents.

She says they have been receiving petitions from residents of Orchard Gardens and Rodney Road in particular, with reports of unbearably loud music being played for hours on end. The Group says the laws related to noise pollution are archaic and the response of authorities, the Environmental Management Authority and the police, leave much to be desired.

Ms. Bachoo says something as simple as getting a receipt from the police for making a noise complaint cannot be had in a number of instances. The group says something needs to be done urgently as the lack of peace and quiet at homes is causing mental stress and decreased productivity.

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