Artists Raise Funds For Animals

Some of the leading artists in Trinidad and Tobago have chosen to donate the proceeds from their works to the Animal Welfare Network.

That is according to artist and Art Gallery representative, Peter Sheppard.

One artist showing off her photography of a traditional mas character at the “Y” Art Gallery in Woodbrook, Abigail Hadeed, said donating her work for the betterment of animals is worthy. She said her hopes were for people to be better educated about animal cruelty and for the Government to enforce the laws against persons who ill-treat animals.

During the art exhibition and fundraiser, Chairman of The Trinidad and Tobago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Sita Kuruvilla, said she believes the lack of coordination and structure are the biggest problems facing agencies in their fight to help animals.

The art exhibition will continue on Monday and Tuesday next week.

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