Carnival Monday In Tobago

In Tobago, Carnival Monday J’ouvert celebrations were held in Crown Point and Roxborough.

TTT News got in on the action in the West and what started as a trickle of revelers turned into an overflow as the sun came up. Just after 7am, scores of Carnival lovers flooded the streets of Crown Point chipping behind several music trucks.

Tourists too were found in the mix enjoying mud, paint and Soca music. A heavy presence of security personnel was also noted during the J’ouvert celebrations. Roxborough also saw a large turnout with a late start also recorded, but the streets were crowded when the sun arose fully.

Tobago’s Carnival celebrations continue with Night Mas scheduled for tonight.

Tuesday’s Parade of the Bands will see a change in route as a result of cleanup efforts continuing in down town Scarborough.

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