Cedros Residents Protest For Water

A fiery protest in Cedros as Granville residents burned tyres along Syfoo Trace in the vicinity of the Granville Water Treatment Plant over a lack of water supply to their homes.

The angry residents complain that they have moved from a 24/7 water supply to buckets and barrels.

Residents say they have been without a water supply for the past two weeks and have had to purchase water from private water trucks, which they say is becoming expensive.

Councillor for Cedros and Deputy Mayor of the Siparia Borough Corporation, Shankar Teelucksingh, says enough is enough.

The residents say they intend to continue their protests until their issues are addressed.

In response to the protests in Cedros for a lack of water supply, Acting CEO of WASA, Kelvin Romain, said resource management was done to supply residents.

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