Central Bank To Introduce New $100 Note

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago plans to introduce a new edition of its TT$100 bank note in December 2024.

The CBTT made the announcement in its Strategic Plan for 2021/22 to 2025/26.

The Central Bank first issued the polymer TT$100 bank note in December 2019.

The CBTT says experience to date has demonstrated the durability of the polymer, compared to the cotton-based bank notes.

The Bank says the 2024 Series of the TT$100 bank note will be similar to the current note, while adding new security features.

The launch of the new TT$100 bank note is one of the four main priorities of the Central Bank in 2024.

The CBTT says it will also contribute to discussions on “Anti-Fraud and Customer Protection Systems in the Financial Services Sector of Trinidad and Tobago” when it appears before a Joint Select Committee of Parliament., and indicates this will be complemented by targeted public education to help persons avoid becoming soft targets for fraudsters and cyber criminals.

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