Energy Minister, T&T Salvage Team In Tobago For Oil Spill Response

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Stuart Young, and a team from T&T Salvage are expected in Tobago today.

Minister Stuart Young, the Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, along with the Permanent Secretaries and Deputy Permanent Secretaries of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries on Wednesday met with CEO of T&T Salvage to discuss the execution of response efforts targeted at the overturned vessel and hydrocarbon discharge off the southern coast of Cove, Tobago.

The response team comprising a salvage master, naval architect and ADCI divers with experience in low to zero visibility diving and sonar technology will be arriving in Tobago to execute the required emergency

Dive gear, hydrographic survey equipment and NOFI Current Busters are being flown in from the USA and Europe to Tobago.

Minister Young reiterated the effective recovery of the hydrocarbons and restoration of Tobago’s coastline is paramount.

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