Locally-Produced Film Awarded Best International Short At Prestigious Vyre Film Festival (VFF)

Best International Short at the prestigious international Vyre Film Festival has been awarded to a locally-produced film.

Produced by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Limited in conjunction with acclaimed Nigerian producer and film maker James Amuta, the award went to “When the Monsters Come Out.”

The short film is the product of a dynamic two-week capacity-building Script to Screen Programme employing a guerrilla-style film-making approach, spearheaded by James Amuta in 2023.

Through this programme, over 50 emerging local film makers were provided with invaluable hands-on experience and mentorship, resulting in a compelling production which was filmed entirely in Trinidad.

Participants of the Script to Screen Programme were also provided training in the areas of Visual Storytelling, Producing, the Art of Fixing, Production Design, Locations, Product Placement, as well as practical training in the areas of Guerrilla Cinematography and Directing with Purpose.

The public will soon have an opportunity to view this award-winning piece.

The Vyre Film festival is dedicated to displaying quality content from all over the globe, highlighting projects which, historically had been either overlooked or had limited or no access to global distribution networks.

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