Man Killed Crossing Highway Near Courts

A man lost his life mere metres away from the walkover near Courts Megastore on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway.

The victim has been identified as Naresh Ramgoolam of El Socorro.

According to a police report, around 5:50am on Thursday, a driver from Santa Cruz was in his Hyundai Tucson travelling East along the highway on the extreme right lane when he collided with Ramgoolam who was crossing from South to North. Police said a second driver in a Toyota Aqua also struck Ramgoolam as he fell on the road from the impact of the first vehicle. He died on the scene.

Ramgoolam was often seen walking the streets in the area and is allegedly an outpatient of the St. Ann’s Hospital. TTT News spoke with at least two people who work nearby who described Ramgoolam as mentally unstable. They said while he was not a trouble maker, he had a habit of running across the three-lane dual carriageway in a dangerous manner.

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