Minister Beckles Concerned Over Oil Spill In Tobago

Minister of Planning and Development, Pennelope Beckles, has expressed her deep concern about the massive oil spill in Tobago, noting the impact on Tobago’s natural resources and ecosystems such as Cove Reef and Flying Reef, as well as other sensitive areas in Kilgwyn Bay, Canoe Bay, Petit Trou Lagoon, Rockly Bay, Little Rockly Bay and Topaz Beach.

In a press release, Minister Beckles said her Ministry has been receiving frequent updates from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), which are under the Ministry’s remit.

Both agencies have provided support and expertise on the ground to the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) and other stakeholders in addressing the matter, in the determination of the oil like substance and disposal of contaminated materials, including sargassum.

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