More Police Officers To Fight Crime In 2024

An increase in the intake of police recruits, more police vehicles, scanners at the country’s ports, and additional riverine craft for the Police Service.

These are some of the measures outlined by the Minister of Finance to deal with Safety and Security of the Trinidad and Tobago.

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert says the Government remains particularly disturbed at the untenable level of murders within the society. He notes the total number of active police officers is affected by mandatory retirement, resignation of officers, and officers on vacation or other types of leave.

As such, on the cards for 2024 is the strengthening of the TTPS.

An allocation of $80 million will assist the Police Service to expand and establish more community patrols throughout the country.

The Finance Minister also spoke to the proliferation of illegal guns entering Trinidad and Tobago. He says to assist with the detection of illegal guns new scanners will be placed at ports of entry in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Finance Minister says the Police Riverine Unit will also be strengthened as a further sum of $15 million has been allocation to establish a Riverine Unit in Carenage. This allocation includes the construction of a jetty and the purchase of 10 fast and nimble vessels.

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