No Injuries Reported In HDC Fire At Maloney Gardens

A fire at Unit 4-1 West, at Building 11, Maloney Gardens, D’Abadie had residents concerned but, thankfully, left no-one injured.

The exact time the fire started on Wednesday is not certain but reports are that around 7pm one of the residents was baking and the gas tank being used caught afire. The family of three was evacuated.

Fire officials are conducting checks to determine the extent of damage to the building, including water damage to the adjacent units and those located directly under the affected apartment.

MP for Arouca/Maloney and Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Camille Robinson Regis, said the HDC sent the affected residents to a guesthouse overnight, and her Constituency Office is providing them with clothing and other supplies.

She said URP and CEPEP crews from the area will be deployed to clean up the apartment after the all-clear from the Fire Service.

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