Paria-LMCS Diving Tragedy: Ramadhar Calls For $5M Ex-Gratia Payments For Families

Attorney Prakash Ramadhar is reiterating his call for the families of the four divers in the Paria-LMCS Diving Tragedy to be compensated via ex-gratia payments of $5 million for each family.

Speaking at a Media Conference at his office on Monday morning, Mr. Ramadhar said it is now public knowledge from the Report as to who should shoulder the responsibility.

The Report which was laid in the Parliament on Friday said the Director of Public Prosecutions should consider charging the Paria Fuel Trading Company with corporate manslaughter following the February 2022 incident.

Mr. Ramadhar said while he is in support of this move, he is more interested in ensuring the families of the victims receive adequate compensation.

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