Pennywise Reinstates Policy On Paid Lunches, 15-Minute Breaks For Employees

Pennywise Cosmetics Ltd says it has reverted to the original terms and conditions of employment of some of its employees.

The company had allegedly stopped providing paid lunch hours and 15-minute breaks for employees with less than four years of tenure. It had stated that this was an effort to prevent passing the additional expense arising out of increased labour costs stemming from the increase in the minimum wage.

In a post on its Facebook page just before midday, Pennywise said following a media interview, it had received numerous calls about the policy change for the affected employees. The company assured that it has made the decision to reinstate the original terms and conditions so that no employees would be affected. It said the decision comes following advice from its Industrial Relations Consultant as it seeks to comply with the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act and other applicable labour laws.

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