PM: Increased Security In Tobago

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is beefing up security systems to address Tobago’s rise in criminal activity.

This assurance was given by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley. During the Conversations with the Prime Minister held at the Scarborough Library on Thursday, Dr. Rowley said the Government has ensured that the Commissioner of Police is aware of Tobago’s crime situation.

Dr. Rowley also informed that he recently received a letter from Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Farley Augustine for a meeting to discuss the matter of crime in Tobago.

Speaking to the THA’s plans to operationalise the THA Police Unit, Prime Minister Rowley said the Government received a proposal for this over 15 years ago. He expressed his support for this venture, making reference to what has been implemented by Government in Trinidad. The Prime Minister also indicated the THA is not under the Municipal Act of Trinidad and Tobago. As such he has asked the Attorney General to examine the Municipal Act and consider whether a similar arrangement, with the THA Act in mind, will allow for amendments to be made to operationalise this Unit.

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