PM Rowley: Violent Crime Spree Will Not Be Tolerated

Prime Minister and Head of the National Security Council, Dr. Keith Rowley, is meeting with the leadership of the Protective Services, including Commissioner of Police, Erla Christopher, and Acting Chief of Defence Staff – Group Captain, Kemba Hannays, at the Official Residence of the Prime Minister in St. Ann’s.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister issued a statement on the proliferation of guns and violent crimes in Trinidad and Tobago.

He said the love affair and glamourisation of firearms and the wanton disregard for human life in Trinidad and Tobago has now gone beyond concerning to the ridiculous.

Dr. Rowley said the current violent crime spree will not be tolerated and he assured that the State will redouble all efforts to curtail these violent outbursts and will hunt down and disarm the perpetrators .

Eight men were killed between Sunday night and Monday morning: four friends were fatally shot in Belmont, three were killed in Blanchisseuse, and a man who was on bail was shot dead in Diego Martin.

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