Police Seek Public’s Assistance For Information On Multiple Murder In Guanapo

Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher is appealing to anyone who has information that will lead to the capture of the persons responsible for shattering the lives of a family in Guanapo early on Thursday morning to come forward.

According to the police, the deceased are 10 year old Faith Peterkin, 14 year old Arianna Peterkin, 17 year old Shane Peterkin, and 19 year old Tiffany Peterkin.

Five others between the ages of 14 and 25 years old are hospitalised for gunshot wounds.

The police report states that at around 12:25am the victims were all asleep at their home at La Retreat Extension, Heights of Guanapo with other members of the family, when several explosions were heard.

A man dressed in black with a hoodie covering his head was seen leaving the scene and escaped in some bushes.

The injured persons were taken to the Arima Health Facility where the four were pronounced dead on arrival.

Police on the scene recovered seven 9 millimetre spent shells, thirteen 7.62 millimetre spent shells, thirty-three 5.56 millimetre spent shells, one live nine millimetre with TTPS markings, one live 5.56 millimetre ammo, five projectiles, and one metal fragment.

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