Protest For Water In Mayaro – WASA Says Supply Being Restored

Police are assuring commuters that blocked roads in the Union Village, Rio Claro area are now cleared of debris and are passable.

This, following protest action On Wednesday by interest groups.

At around 4:30am on Wednesday, police received reports of several road blockages in Union Village Mayaro. They responded to the reports where burning debris was found on the roadway. At one of the locations, a steel drill pipe was welded to a metal bridge across the road, with placards that read ‘NO WATER.’

The blockages were cleared by police with help from the Fire Service personnel.

The police say they found no protestors at the scenes. Their investigation found that interest groups in the villages had not received pipe borne water for some time.

In their release, the police say while they ‘understand’ the plight of the villagers it is an offence to block the roadway. They also say residents should highlight interests in a manner not to inconvenience the motoring public.

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