Raising Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Founder of the John E. Sabga Foundation, Natalie Sabga, wants more people speaking about pancreatic cancer.

Patients who are currently battling pancreatic cancer, others in recovery, their caregivers, medical practitioners, as well as family members who lost their loved ones came together to bond and share ideas about the disease on Saturday.

Mrs. Sabga has been seeking to find the cure since pancreatic cancer not only took the life of her husband, John Sabga, in 2017 but, as she put it, it is the worse cancer known to man.

Using Nikki Crosby, whose grandmother and uncle died from pancreatic cancer as an example, Mrs. Sabga is urging people, especially those whose relatives died from the disease, to go for a check-up. She notes that 15% of pancreatic cancers can be hereditary.

November is recognised as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

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