THA Chief Secretary Calls For Budgetary Shortfalls To Be Addressed

The Tobago House of Assembly’s Executive Council is involved in a Post Budget Retreat to iron out plans for the new fiscal year.

On Thursday, the Assembly hosted a Press Briefing where Chief Secretary Farley Augustine said he wished to debunk claims that the THA has been receiving all of its allocation. Displaying data from 2016 to 2023, Mr. Augustine highlighted the budgetary shortfalls that have occurred, which he said the Ministry of Finance is aware of.

Chief Secretary Augustine said on November 15th, the THA will meet with Administrators and chief accountants to roll out plans for the new fiscal period. He lamented it would be a difficult task, adding they would be exploring alternative financing options.

The THA Executive’s Retreat is being held at the THA-owned Manta Lodge Hotel in Speyside.

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