Tobago Carnival Snapshot: Marcellin Nedd & Associates

Tobago’s second October Carnival is just over three weeks away.

Mas band leaders have been making final preparations and say the vibe is building.

One such band leader is Marcellin Nedd of Marcellin Nedd & Associates. Showcasing her pieces at the Shaw Park Complex, Ms. Nedd said she has been in the mas business for more than two decades. She has representation in both the Jouvert and Parade of the Bands activities this year.

The band has three sections on the road for Carnival Sunday’s Parade of the Bands with both male and female costumes. Ms. Nedd said her pieces can be customised to meet the preferences and budgets of all.

The mas band leader said her family and friends in Trinidad have been marketing her offerings. She said there is a buzz with reports of sold out tickets to come to Tobago.

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