Valsayn Suspect Still At Large

Police are still on the hunt for a suspect in relation to Tuesday’s startling discovery of human remains at a residence in South Valsayn.

On Wednesday morning, a social media post alerted members of the public to look out for the suspect who reportedly fled when police arrived on scene on Tuesday. A picture of the suspect’s vehicle was posted along with indication of where he was last seen.

When TTT News visited the home on Wednesday afternoon, the vehicle was returned to the garage and officers were in the process of searching the premises.

The remains are believed to be that of 18 year old Hannah Mathura who police say was never reported missing.

TTT News was reliably informed that a post mortem was conducted but the results have not yet been revealed.

This is not the first report of a suspicious death at the house at Butu Road. A bandit was killed in 2015 during a robbery when he fell to his death after falling through a glass window.

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