Weather Outlook – Friday May 17th 2024

In the extended outlook, you can expect partly cloudy, hazy, and breezy conditions with the likelihood…

Weather Outlook – Thursday May 16th 2024

Weather Outlook – Wednesday May 15th 2024

Yia-Loren has the Weather Outlook.

Weather Outlook – Tuesday May 14th 2024

While Saharan dust concentrations may be at mild levels, sensitive persons may still be affected by…

Weather Outlook – Monday May 13th 2024

There is still a light to moderate concentration of Sahara dust around.

Weather Outlook – Friday April 19th 2024

After today’s showers in a couple areas, watch for street/flash flooding and gusty winds. Also there…

Weather Outlook – Thursday April 18th 2024

Be careful in the vicinity of heavy showers and/or thunderstorms as we may expect some gusty…

Weather Outlook – Wednesday April 17th 2024

The 2024 Wet Season is likely to start in the second half of May while the…

Weather Outlook – Tuesday April 16th 2024

A mix bag of conditions, however there is dust haze around so take care.

Weather Outlook – Monday April 15th 2024

While it’s been mostly hot and sunny, we are seeing some of those relief showers around…

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