Ministry of Education’s Press Conference On SEA 2022

Key Points From the Ministry of Education’s Press Conference On SEA 2022

  • Minister of Education : The launch of the SEA Online Portal was successful and no technical issues have been reported. Even though this Portal is intended to replace paper results completely, for 2022, parents would need to access the hard copy to register for secondary schools.
  • Minister Gadsby-Dolly shared statistics on the SEA results :
  • Mean Scores for 2022 English Language Arts 44.39 Mathematics 41.9 English Language Arts – Writing 44.3 as compared to
  • Mean Scores for 2021 English Language Arts 56.6 Mathematics 46.9 English Language Arts – Writing 56.2
  • Minister Gadsby Dolly announced that the Ministry of Education will no longer be making public announcements when it comes to student rankings and stated that that July 8th is the deadline to submit requests for a student’s SEA results to be reviewed. The Minister added that any revealing of rank after the final result will be individually or privately done.
  • The Minister of Education shared that the % of students that scored above 50% in 2022 was 37.06% compared to 63% in 2020 and 52.49% in 2021. The % of students that scored 30 or below in 2022 was 27.81% compared to 11% in 2020 and 17.7% in 2021.
  • Minister Gadsby Dolly also shared that the % of students that scored over 90% in 2022 was 0.47% compared to 3% in 2021. The Minister said that what these statistics show is a clear reduction in achievement which can be linked to learning loss due to lack of face to face schooling
  • Minister Gadsby Dolly announced that since over 9000 students scored under 50% this year, there will be a Vacation Revision Programme running from July 18th – August 12th at 26 Secondary Schools which would require 600 teachers.
  • The Minister added that these classes will have no more than 15 students and will run from 9AM to 3PM. Registration starts from July 11th to 15th and parents are advised to register at a school closest to their home. This programme will cost the state approximately $10 million.
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