Ministry of Public Utilities Media Conference To Update On The Transformation Of WASA – Thursday July 28th 2022

Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales addressed today’s Media Conference to update on the transformation of WASA.

He advocated for transformation, saying change at WASA is inevitable since restructuring has not worked in the past. The Minister said, “Change is required on several fronts simultaneously and must be implemented in stages to ensure that the transformation stands the best chance of success.”

Minister Gonzales said WASA needs competent and skilled leadership and management, and the infusion of modern technologies.

He also noted that WASA’s current operating structure has moved away from the existing Cabinet-approved structure which has led to dysfunction at the utility company. He stated that WASA must have a modern structure consistent with a modern water utility company.

Minister Gonzales said WASA employees will be retrained, and assured that there will be no implementation of the Transformation Plan at the level of the Bargaining Units “until there has been fulsome negotiations.”

Meanwhile, WASA Chairman Ravindra Nanga assured that the transformation at WASA “is not a retrenchment exercise, it is a restructuring exercise.” He said NO Retrenchment Notices will be going out in the near to medium term period.

He stated that there are a lot of issues to address at WASA, including serious inefficiencies. The WASA Chairman said one of the problems identified lies with management and the restructuring “will start at the top.” He said workers at the Bargaining Units and lower levels “have absolutely nothing to fear.”

The Public Utilities Minister confirmed that there is a strategy to improve water supply to all citizens.

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