Post Cabinet Media Briefing – Thursday June 30th 2022

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Faris Al-Rawi said all Corporations are in “Red Status” and on full alert to deal with flooding and landslips coming out of the adverse weather conditions this week.

In preparation for Potential Tropical Cyclone 2 this week, Minister Al-Rawi stated that:

  • 56,000 sandbags were delivered via the 14 Regional Corporations.
  • 19,000 sandbags were delivered at the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government.
  • 56 loads of sand were delivered from the National Quarries Limited.

Minister Al-Rawi noted that there were significant issues in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, including four landslips along the Paria Main Road, and river inundation at Tompire, Matura, and Grande Riviere.

Minister Al-Rawi said assets were located on site in Sangre Grande Regional Corporation since Sunday and so far roadways have been cleared. Further watercourse management is underway with workers clearing debris from the rivers. The Matura River has also subsided.

On the landslips along the North Coast, Minister of Works Rohan Sinanan said all roads up to Matelot have been cleared. However, he warned that the soil is very saturated and more landslips are expected in the area in the coming days. Minister Sinanan confirmed that the Ministry’s Directors of Bridges and Landslips, Drainage, and Highways are present in the Matelot area today.

The Las Cuevas slippage was cleared this morning.

Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales said WASA has been on the job and as at 11am today, 15 out of the 28 water treatment plants are fully in operation. All plants, with the exception of Tompire and Matura, will be brought back into full operation by 6PM today. The Tompire and Matura plants are expected to begin operations at midnight.

Acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert said he is pleased with the preparations from the Inter-Ministerial Team ahead of the passage of Potential Tropical Cyclone 2 and that it could provide a blueprint for dealing with adverse weather.

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